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sideload apps and its prevention

Sideload apps for iOS – How it works and potential risks

When users sideload apps, they invariably risk exposing their device to malware – or worse. In this article we explain how sideloading works and why companies can benefit from MDM.

Mobile Printing: Easily print with iPad, iPhone, Android & Co.

Mobile Printing: How do I Print from my iPad with Cortado?

Cortado adds far greater Wi-Fi printing functionality to your authorised iOS network devices, whilst retaining all the advantages of out of the box Apple printing. Cortado offers what AirPrint alone is missing: usability, flexibility, and security.

Now available: Cortado Server 8

The new mobile operating system versions and Cortado Server make enterprise mobility simpler, more productive and more secure. Discover Cortado Server 8.


Android for Work vs. iOS: How Google and Apple Build Their Business Containers

With Android for Work, Google offers essential aspects that are the same as Apple’s iOS 9 enterprise approaches. We took a close look and summarized the main differences between both approaches.