Enterprise File Sharing

Enterprise file sharing refers to all news on how to securely share and synchronize documents between employees or external partners.

Windows Phones: Mit neuer Web App Zugriff auf Netzlaufwerke

How to Access with Windows Phone Files Stored on Business Server

With the Cortado app, you can easily access with your Windows Phone files stored on your business file server. Edit your documents with Microsoft Office and upload them back to your file server. See how easy this is in this feature video!

Dateizugriff auf geschäftliche Daten mit Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop, PC

Accessing Files the Way You Are Used To with Cortado

In this short video clip, you can see a Cortado Server review of features, plus an overview of how the user interface is set up.

Virtual Data Room Demo - See How It Works

Virtual Data Room Demo – See How It Works

While at VMWorld, our Cortado colleague Ross explained exactly how collaboration with Virtual Data Rooms looks like for all organizations using Cortado Server. Take a look at our Virtual Data Room demo.

Plus an Produktivität: Was sind die Vorteile von Cortado Server?

Cortado Server: We Design Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprise Mobility at its best: Thanks to Cortado Server you can enjoy working on your smartphone or tablet. It offers unlimited flexibility for employees while still making sure that IT-admins have everything under control.