How to Use Private and Business Apps with Android For Work

With Google’s Android for Work you can also use your private Samsung Galaxy device for business purposes. In this video we’ll briefly show you how to use private and business apps on your smartphone.

Are you sometimes unsure how to use your mobile phone at work without getting private and business data mixed together? Or have you simply had doubts about using one mobile device for both business and private use?

Well, the good news is with Android for Work, essentially Mobile Application Management (MAM) for Android, the separate instances of the same app ensure that no private data ends up in business apps, and vice versa. This great for everyone: on the one hand employers don’t accidentally access your private information and on the other sensitive corporate data cannot be lost. Simple!

Downloading Private and Business Apps

Once Android for Work is setup in your organisation, downloading apps for private and business use with Android for Work is straightforward. Through the private Play Store you can download as usual all apps for private use. In a separate business Play Store however, only those apps are available which have been selected by the IT admin.

Here it’s important to note that no data can be exchanged between the private and the Android for Work app. Copy and paste isn’t possible!

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