Virtual data rooms: collaboration in secure project rooms

If employees want to collaborate with third parties in shared projects, they require virtual data rooms. Cortado now provides them on-premises with full firewall protection.

Virtual Offices
Virtual data rooms are ideal for collaboration in projects.

Virtual data rooms are important to companies if employees are to work on shared documents. Employees do not use physical data storage but access an online platform. In most cases this is a public cloud solution. However, it does not have to be like this. Cortado Server 10 offers a very special type of virtual data room: Cortado’s virtual data rooms are located on the company’s premises and are firewall-protected.

Cloud or on-premises?

With a cloud solution, data is stored on external servers. Especially in the case of sensitive business data, companies often do not want to do this. The situation is different with the virtual data rooms of Cortado Server. Here the data continues to be stored in the company’s network, in other words it is on-premises. Many companies prefer this as their IT department retains full control of the data. With Cortado’s virtual data rooms, selected internal and external employees or external project members are granted access to the required files. It is the project owner’s responsibility to set up the project rooms and to invite the internal and external employees. He also decides which user is given what rights.

File sharing, file management, file access: Is that secure?

With Cortado Server, the shared files are transferred from the company server to a sharing center. This sharing center is located on a proxy server that is secured by a firewall both externally and internally. Consequently, external staff cannot directly access the company drives and the data stored on them.

Teamwork with virtual data rooms

A key security aspect is thus met. At the same time, Cortado Server allows for effective and direct teamwork with its access to virtual data rooms. This all sounds very theoretical – what does it look like in practice?

Working with any device and keeping track of things

Virtual rooms can be accessed while on the go and also via the desktop PC. The user interface looks like a file manager that lets you move, rename, upload, and download files. When files are being edited, the Cortado technology ensures transparent versioning.

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