How to Access with Windows Phone Files Stored on Business Server

With the Cortado app, you can easily access with your Windows Phone files stored on your business file server. Edit your documents with Microsoft Office and upload them back to your file server. See how easy this is in this feature video!

Accessing Web Files with Windows Phones

With the Cortado web app you have 24/7 access to your files when you are not at your desk in the office.

And in case you want to make changes to a Word document or an Excel sheet etc., you easily can do so on your Windows Phone.

With Cortado Server, available to test now, you can edit Word documents, Excel sheets, PowerPoint presentations wherever you are from the comfort of your Windows Phone. Plus Windows phone files can be easily uploaded to your company server, and vice versa

The way you do this is straightforward and easily explained in the one-minute video above. Once the network drives are selected and you have downloaded the document you wish to work on, simply start by opening the document and start working. Once finished, save your Windows phone file and head back to the web client. From here you can upload the document that you just edited and review the changes that you have made in the web app preview feature.

Cortado Server

Cortado is a vendor of Enterprise Mobility Management solutions (EMM), who leverages cross-platform productivity and integration of mobile devices in organizations. With 24/7 access to work files, it allows you to work smoothly and independently, even if you are not in the office.

We at Cortado Mobile Solutions keep on expanding the performance of our Enterprise Mobility Management solutions at a steady pace. This entails device-independent and cross-platform productivity. It doesn’t matter how diverse your mobile landscape is, Cortado integrates Windows, iOS and Android device without any problems.

Take the tour of our different products and solutions to learn more. Or have a look at the customer references of our clients.

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