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BYOD at Cortado

BYOD and COPE – A Project Report

BYOD or COPE (Corporate Owned Personally Enabled)? The Cortado Group settles on a mixed concept of BYOD and COPE. Read the project report.

Apple Watch für Unternehmen

Apple Watch, Google Glass & Samsung Gear: Wearables at Work?

AppleWatch, Google Glass & Android Gear: Wearable computers, also known as just wearables, are the secret stars of the Internet of Things (IOT). Although the sales figures don’t quite meet manufacturers’ expectations, smartwatches and fitness trackers are the perfect entry into this segment thanks to their lower prices. As with the first smartphones, IT departments are now faced with the task of managing devices, in a corporate context such as the Apple Watch, Google Glass and Samsung Gear.

Save Time and Costs with Apple´s Device Enrollment Program (DEP)

What is Apple DEP? (Apple Device Enrollment Program)

With the Device Enrollment Program, Apple has made a major leap when it comes to Company Owned Private Enabled strategies, enabling an efficient way to configure profiles as quickly and as easily as possible.

WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp in a Business Container? Is it Even Possible?

No administrator will integrate WhatsApp into a business container, even if today its already technically possible. WhatsApp could easily gain important information from the container. There is a way however, to use WhatsApp for companies – either you completely forget the container idea or limit it to just a few apps. You can also create a way of screening data from typical private apps, which are in general quite unsecure, so that date can securely enter the company.

iPhone viurs

Do Phones Need Antivirus Protection?

iPhones and Android smartphones can also be infected by viruses. How dangerous is this for companies? What protective measures can be taken?

COPE oder BYOD? Keine leichte Entscheidung.

BYOD or COPE? Which Mobile Strategy is Right for You?

COPE or BYOD? Android or iOS? Not an easy decision. This article helps you create an individual mobile strategy for your company.

Vor dem Wechsel braucht es eine Strategie

Drop the Box: Replacing Cloud Storage with an On-Premises Alternative

Cloud solutions like Dropbox can improve business processes but are accompanied by security risks. Every company is required to define its position.

Plus an Produktivität: Was sind die Vorteile von Cortado Server?

Cortado Server: We Design Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprise Mobility at its best: Thanks to Cortado Server you can enjoy working on your smartphone or tablet. It offers unlimited flexibility for employees while still making sure that IT-admins have everything under control. 

Video: Android for Work Costs

How Much Does Google’s Android Enterprise cost?

Watch our video to get a clear overview of Android Enterprise costs. You can also read the information underneath the video.

Android for Work Devices

Android For Work: Supported Devices

Learn which devices are compatible with Android for Work. Our video gives you an instant overview. You can also read the information underneath the video.