7 years of software updates for the Google Pixel 8 series: Good for businesses

Google has announced that it will provide the Google Pixel 8 series with software updates for seven years. We’ll explain the significance it has for companies.

Google Pixel 8 Pro
Google Pixel 8 Pro will receive 7 years of updates starting immediately.

Companies that use mobile device management (MDM) know how important regular updates and security patches are: they are the only way to ensure the integrity and performance of their devices. For private users, too, the longest possible support for their devices is a great advantage. Google has now responded to this customer demand and announced that the Google Pixel 8 series will be supplied with software updates for seven years. As an Android Enterprise Silver Partner, Cortado will take a closer look at this news and explain what significance this announcement has in the MDM environment.

Importance of long software support for companies

Why is long-term software support so critical for businesses? Here are a few reasons:

  • Security concerns: In an increasingly connected world, data leaks and security breaches are commonplace. Long-term software updates, like the ones now announced for the Google Pixel 8, ensure that security gaps are closed quickly and thus minimize the attack surface for potential threats.
  • Compatibility: Software updates are often compatible with new applications and services, keeping businesses up-to-date and competitive.
  • Investment protection: Mobile devices are a significant investment for companies. Long-term software support ensures that this investment can be used over the longer term and does not become obsolete due to outdated software.
  • Sustainability: Longer use of mobile devices conserves resources and is sustainable.

In addition, long-term software support results in a reduction of the total cost of ownership (TCO) and simplified device lifecycle management. This enables companies to deploy their IT resources more efficiently and improve long-term planning.

Security updates: A must for the corporate environment

Security updates are critical in the MDM environment. Enterprises store sensitive data on their mobile devices, and a security breach can have catastrophic effects. Regular updates help mitigate risk by eliminating known vulnerabilities and blocking new attack vectors. A protected, always-updated device is an indispensable cornerstone for enterprise data security.

Feature drops for Google Pixel 8 and their relevance in MDM

Google has been offering so-called feature drops for its devices, including the Google Pixel 8, for some time now. These updates not only bring security improvements, but also new features and improvements for the user experience in the enterprise environment. With the extension of the support period to seven years, Google Pixel 8 users will receive these interesting feature drops for a longer period of time.

How companies using an MDM system benefit from longer software updates for Google Pixel 8

Companies that have an MDM system in place benefit significantly from longer software support for devices like the Pixel 8 series. A longer support period enables easier integration and support over a longer period of time which reduces fragmentation in enterprises and makes it easier to manage different generations of devices.

Conclusion: 7 years of updates: Good news for enterprises and for the environment

At a time when enterprise data security and IT infrastructure efficiency are top priorities, long-term software updates for Google Pixel 8 is invaluable. Enterprises should take special care to consider such long-term support commitments when selecting enterprise devices and MDM strategy planning.
Not to be neglected are the cost savings from longer life as well as the positive impact on the environment.

Google’s announcement to provide seven years of updates for the Google Pixel 8 series is an important step in the right direction and good news for enterprises and for the environment.