Android 14 and Cortado MDM: Synergy for Advanced Enterprise Mobility 

Discover the new Android 14 Business features and how our MDM system integrates them efficiently into your company.  

The new features in Android 14 make using smartphones for business and private purposes even easier and more secure.  

As a leading provider of Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Android Enterprise Silver Partner, we’re excited about the latest developments of Android 14 and its importance for the business world.  

With Android 14, released in October 2023, Google has introduced new security and compliance features as well as improved productivity and customization tools designed specifically for distributed work teams.  

Extended Security and Compliance Features of Android 14  

With the increasing number of remote and hybrid workers, the security and management of mobile devices is more important than ever. Android 14 meets these challenges and provides even greater protection for work devices with new security features.  

The new security features include:  

  • Six-digit PIN for unlocking devices as a minimum-security level instead of the earlier 4 digits.  
  • Improved control features for the Credential Manager for work profiles and fully managed devices  
  • Configurable 2G connectivity controls to avoid network vulnerabilities 
  • New policy protocols and administrative controls for ultra-wideband (UWB) management  

Our MDM system complements these developments by integrating these security features into your company.  

Work Profile with New Features for Navigating between Work and Private Apps  

The boundaries between work and private life are becoming increasingly blurred in the modern working world. Android 14’s response is improved features for the work profile, which enable an even clearer separation and easier navigation between work and private apps.  

The new features include:  

  • Cross-profile user experiences that make it easier to open links in work or private profiles  
  • Simplified switching between work and private profiles in Google apps  
  • Direct saving of work screenshots in the work profile  
  • Easier screen sharing for specific applications in the work profile  
  • Improved search for work settings in the Settings app  

Our MDM system also harmonizes perfectly with these innovations and provides an added layer of security by ensuring that professional data stays isolated and protected while maintaining the user experience.  

New Features for a Better User Experience  

Finally, there are new features such as accessibility improvements and AI-generated background images that make working with mobile devices even more convenient and enjoyable for employees.  

Details on the new features can be found on Google’s blog: Android 14 business features for distributed teams  

Conclusion: Even More Security and Efficiency for Your Android Device Fleet  

Our MDM system is perfectly designed to take full advantage of Android 14. We offer seamless integration to implement the advanced features of Android 14 in your organization while ensuring the highest level of security and compliance.  

We are proud to accompany you on your journey into the future of mobile working and look forward to supporting you with our system.