How Much Does Android Enterprise Cost?

How much does Android Enterprise cost? Watch our video on Android Enterprise pricing to find out.

Calculating the Cost of Android Enterprise

Good news! Because it is a free framework of APIs, there is no direct Android Enterprise cost to be aware of.

However, even though Android Enterprise may (previously Android for Work) cost nothing on its own, you need a mobile device management solution (or a lot of programming knowledge and an MDM server) to be able to use it.

In that sense, Android Enterprise pricing only depends on the cost of the mobile device management solution, and to some extent the number of devices you are using. This is because the pricing model of many MDM-vendors is calculated according to the number of devices managed.

Any decent MDM solution should fully support Android Enterprise as well as offer a wide range of features. Nothing else needs to be purchased.

However, if the Android devices are outdated, then it’s time to update.

Android Device Management: All You Need to Know

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