Set up Enterprise Work Contacts with Android Enterprise

With Android Enterprise, you can separate enterprise work contacts from personal ones on your fleet of work phones.

First Set Up Android Enterprise and MDM

Android Enterprise is a framework of management APIs which is used to expose and modify the features (like the contacts app) on Android devices.

If you want to improve mobile security and stop your company from infringing EU-GDPR, you can use an MDM (Mobile Device Management) solution to create separate enterprise work contacts. This stops third party apps like WhatsApp from accessing them.

The easiest way to do this is when purchasing new work phones. Make sure you purchase them from an Google Partner or zero-touch reseller. Then link these new devices with an MDM solution like Cortado MDM.

The Android Enterprise website is a good starting point for finding resellers.

It’s still possible to separate enterprise contacts on old devices, they just need to be linked to the MDM solution.

Creating Separate Enterprise Work Contacts

After downloading an MDM solution, the IT admin can activate data separation on a personally-owned smartphone or corporately owned device via QR code, NFC or an activation token.

After Android Enterprise is successfully activated on your smartphone a second contact app is added to your device.

The contacts app is split into two: one for work contacts and one for personal ones.

Now nothing can get mixed up and even when you’re been called by a business contact, their name – and not just their number – is displayed.

Most importantly, the workplace contacts app is located in the work profile, so no personal apps can access enterprise work contacts.

Integrating Android devices into the company’s IT

Learn how to integrate Android devices into your company’s IT. Our White Paper includes a detailed step-by-step guide and will outline how to leverage the potential of Android for Work / Android Enterprise.

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