Android Kiosk Mode: How It Works + 5 Use Cases

Here’s how Android kiosk mode works and 5 great ways for professionals to put kiosk mode software to good use.

Android kiosk mode
Android kiosk mode at trade fairs: Here, tablets set to kiosk mode can bring about a quick return of investment

What Is Android Kiosk Mode?

Android kiosk mode enables you to lock an Android device to just one or several apps. With it, you can set a dedicated purpose for a tablet or smartphone and deploy it into a wide array of environments, while knowing that the rest of the device is not accessible. It is just one of many useful Android device management features.

Best of all, Android kiosk mode is simple to set up and not permanent, so devices can always be easily (and quickly) customized to serve new purpose.

How to Lockdown Android Devices  

Turning on kiosk mode for Android devices can be easily done with kiosk mode software. Frequently referred to as MDM/EMM software, it allows you to remotely configure devices and utilize the Android Enterprise APIs (Google’s management platform for smartphones and tablets) that give access to kiosk mode.  

Just download an MDM program, like Cortado MDM, to get started. Read our step by guide on how to set up kiosk mode with Cortado MDM for more details – no complicated programming or third-party kiosk-specialists required!

5 Innovative Use Cases for Android Kiosk Mode

Here are some ways to get even more use out tablets with Android kiosk mode software like Cortado MDM (Our software also offers a solution for iPads).

Kiosk Mode software in healthcare

Nursing Appointments and Home-Visits

Enable carers to deliver consistent, secure healthcare services while visiting patients with the help of company-owned tablets in kiosk mode.
Reduce all devices features and apps to only those you need and trust: Those that help plan and document appointments. The end result is an uncluttered homepage and the highest levels of data protection possible for sensitive patient information. This case study of Lebenshilfe Gelderland shows how improved mobile productivity for nursing employees can be achieved

Kiosk Mode software at trade shows

Lead Capturing at Exhibition Fairs

One of the classic use cases for Android’s kiosk mode is for using tablets at exhibition fairs.
For example, businesses can easily – and with great flexibility – lock down a tablet or smartphone to serve a specific lead capturing purpose.
Stand visitors can independently input their contact details in an attractive and user-friendly manner. Preparing and post-processing of lead capturing digitally is also much more straightforward for employees too.

Kiosk Mode software in the classroom

Students in the Classroom

A tablet can be easily locked down for specific academic purposes and shared with multiple users. And no matter what students try, they will not be able to deactivate Android kiosk mode or open any other app.

Kiosk Mode software in hospitality

Hospitality Web-Browsers or Check-in

The next two options are more focused on how tablets can offer convenient ways for customers to interact with specific business segments.
For instance, any hospitality business can provide a useful terminal for guests with which they can browse web pages or electronically check in to their room.
For guests that need to leave late at night, tablets are also great for supplying an alternative method for late night check-outs.

Kiosk Mode software in retail

POS or Self-Service in Gastronomy or Retail

There are plenty of ways self-order kiosks grow restaurant revenue, and these include improving the amount of upsell opportunities, improving customer experience and reducing the burden on front-end staff.
And as seen in cafes and coffee shops, businesses also implement Android kiosk mode to display dynamic content – adding digitally-based signs to their existing mix of analog marketing material. 


Thanks to the easy-to-use nature of Android Enterprise businesses, schools and organizations both large and small can easily customize Android tablets and deploy them securely.

> No exiting of Android kiosk mode via restart or without device recovery password  > Digitizes workflows for transparency of activities and more efficient reporting & post processing 
> One tablet in kiosk mode can be easily shared with multiple users  > Able to hide device information 
> Enables safer shared use with external partners by defining dedicated purposes  > Let’s you hide Shut Down, Restart, Notification Bar and Home buttons if needed 
> Remotely install and uninstall kiosk mode apps so each device is customizable again 

Easy to use kiosk mode software: Try Android kiosk mode for free with Cortado MDM