Android Pie vs iOS 12: How Google and Apple Are Fighting for Business Customers

We’ve taken a closer look at iOS 12 and Android Pie, to find out which of them has the edge. Let the battle begin!

Apple with iOS 12 or Google with Android Pie – who has the better recipe in the battle for mobile business users?

Android Pie: Google Is Hungry for a Slice of the Cake

At the Android Enterprise Summit, Google once again showed its commitment to business customers. The Android Enterprise Recommended Program is designed to help companies choose the best Android devices for their needs. But Android Pie also offers further innovations that all companies will welcome. With its zero-touch feature, even though currently only available for devices from certain carriers, Android is on a par with Apple by enabling contactless configuration of devices.

In addition, many MDM features have migrated directly into the OS with Android Pie and can be controlled via the Android Management API. This makes it easier for companies to evaluate third-party MDM solutions and choose a solution that is best tailored to their needs.

A big plus (especially in relation to data protection / GDPR), which Google has further expanded with Android Pie, is the strict separation of private and business areas on devices.

iOS 12: Does Apple Still Have More to Say in the Business World?

With the separation of private and business contacts on iOS devices, Apple had already eliminated an iOS 11.3 weak point. iOS 12 focuses on increased stability and speed.

Siri and the shortcuts have also been revised. Apple’s digital assistant can now execute 12 shortcuts directly within iOS. All the user has to do is define an appropriate set of commands. The Shortcuts app can also create cross-app workflows from iOS shortcuts and events.

The new process for app notifications is also interesting. Developers no longer have to ask users in advance whether notifications can be displayed. In Provisional Authorizations mode, notifications appear that allow users to subscribe or unsubscribe directly. In addition, app notifications can be grouped.

iOS, Android or Apple Pie? It’s Down to the MDM

Both iOS and Android have proven their business competencies. With suitable central management of the devices in a company, preferably one that uses device-specific management methods such as Cortado MDM, companies with Android Pie, iOS 12 or even a mix of both, are well positioned to fully gain from all the advantages that Apple and Google have introduced.