New: App Feedback for Managed Android Configurations

Cortado MDM administrators now receive feedback on whether managed app configurations for Android have been successfully implemented.

The Cortado MDM management portal now displays app feedback for the managed configurations for Android apps.

With the managed app configurations for Android, Cortado MDM administrators can preconfigure apps conveniently and centrally. The system now provides feedback on whether individual configurations have been successfully implemented for an app and on users’ devices. This makes it quick and easy to detect incorrect app configurations and devices set up incorrectly.

App feedback can be found in a separate tab in the app management area. Here, all the setup configurations for an app are displayed, with relevant feedback, status, and the number of assigned devices. Clicking on the number of devices takes you to the device overview, and you can see which devices have successfully implemented that configuration and if any of these devices had problems.

You can find detailed instructions here: Viewing app feedback for Android devices

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