Google Pixel: First choice for CEO/CTO Benjamin Schüler

In our new blog series Employees and their Smartphones, we ask team colleagues about their smartphones, their favorite apps, and what makes their devices stand out in everyday work situations. We kick off with Benjamin Schüler, CEO/CTO at Cortado Mobile Solutions.

Benjamin Schüler, CEO/CTO Cortado Mobile Solutions holding his favorite smartphone, the Google Pixel 5
Benjamin Schüler, CEO/CTO Cortado Mobile Solutions, with his current favorite smartphone: the Google Pixel 5.

First off, what phone do you use, and why did you choose this model? 

Benjamin Schüler: I currently use the Pixel 5 from Google. It is an upper mid-range smartphone and was first available in September 2020. It’s no longer manufactured but you can still buy it in good used condition in various online stores. 

What do you particularly like about your phone? 

With the Pixel series, Google allows you to be the first to use the newest Android operating system. The Pixel 5, which came with Android 11, will still get the Android 14 update next year.

Overall, the phone is very well-balanced. You can notice the synergies of the individual development teams everywhere. Not only security updates but also smaller improvements, the feature drops, are rolled out via regular monthly updates. So, you always have cutting-edge current Android development, which is interesting for me personally, but of course even more important on a professional level.

Is there anything that could be improved? 

In terms of sustainability, I would like to see the option to replace the battery more easily in the future. After two years of intensive use, you notice decreasing battery performance. Google has meanwhile started cooperating with iFxit to provide spare parts and repair instructions, but it is still not easy.

Do you also use your mobile phone for business? Do you participate in Cortado’s BYOD program?

Yes, of course. I have set up a work profile on the device and am an absolute power user. I’ve also been participating in Cortado’s BYOD program for many years. I think it’s an absolute win-win situation for both sides.  

What exactly do you do with your device, especially in a business context?

Well, I have several dozen business apps installed, which are of course managed via Cortado MDM. In addition to the classic PIM functions, I also use password managers, banking, IP telephony, notes, to-dos, and print apps, to name a few.

The business use of my smartphone allows me to work easily and efficiently anywhere at any time. So, I’m flexible and can do all the things I need to do at any time, even with my smartphone, which I do often.

Despite all this, I have set up a time-based routine for myself as part of digital wellness, which basically switches off my work profile from 6:00 p.m. and doesn’t activate it again until 8:00 the next day. This routine gives me a basic work rhythm so that I also manage to find the right work-life balance. Of course, I can also be reached by phone during my “downtime” for important issues for colleagues.

What are your favorite apps?

On the business side, I currently print a lot with our specially developed ezeep app. It’s fast, easy, and reliable. Privately, one app is popular right now especially due to my kids. The Hue Music app can control smart lamps from Philips to the rhythm of the music and thus use the lamps as disco lights. 

Have you ever lost your phone and if so, what did you do? 

No, thankfully, that has never happened to me. But I’m reassured that I could delete my work profile remotely at any time, as well as my private data.

Do you have a phone on your wish list when you finish with your current one? 

Retirement for my current device isn’t an issue yet, but I think I’ll stay loyal to the Pixel family and maybe consider a Pixel 7, as I’ve been very happy with the series so far.

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