iPhone 14 Pro: Our CEO Michael Rödiger feels comfortable in the Apple environment

In part 2 of our new blog series “Employees and their smartphones”, we talked to Michael Rödiger, CEO at Cortado Mobile Solutions, about his favorite smartphone, the iPhone 14 Pro, and his favorite apps. 

Holding the iPhone 14 Pro and using the Cortado App
Michael Rödiger with his favorite smartphone, the iPhone 14 Pro.

First of all, which smartphone do you use and why did you choose this one in particular? 

Michael Rödiger: I use the iPhone 14 Pro from Apple. I chose it because it fits perfectly into my Apple environment of MacBook, iPad and co. and I’m a big fan of the OS system. Besides, my first real smartphone was an iPhone, and I’ve never been disappointed. 

What do you find particularly great about your device? 

Especially in combination with other Apple devices, the iPhone 14 Pro shows its full potential, and the synergies between the devices are simply fun. The usage is simple and straightforward, and the design is clean and minimalistic. 

In my opinion, the quality of the device’s manufacturing is absolutely top class, and the hardware and software are perfectly coordinated. 

Why did you choose this particular phone? 

I chose the iPhone 14 Pro because I usually use my devices for a very long time and therefore go straight for more power and memory when I buy them. I also really like the design and the handling is great as usual. 

Is there anything that could be improved? 

Yes, unfortunately the iPhone 14 still does not have a USB-C port. In addition, the OS does not offer the possibility to distinguish between private and business visually as well. In my opinion, Android devices have a clear advantage here. Apple should follow its example.  

Do you also use your phone for business?  Do you participate in Cortado’s BYOD program? 

Of course I participate in Cortado’s BYOD program, which has nothing but advantages for everyone involved. And of course the smartphone is an important part of my daily work, so I would describe myself as a power user. 

What exactly do you do with your phone, especially in a work context?

I see my smartphone as an important tool and assistant during work. I have all my mails, appointments, reminders and other important information at a single glance. I also make a lot of phone calls with my smartphone and also use a lot of apps in the classic way. In addition, the smartphone is also my camera, with which I film tutorials or make sound recordings for videos, for example. 

What are your favorite apps? 

I’m a big fan of audio books and music. So, I probably use Audible and Apple Music the most on the device. For work, MS Teams, Apple’s native Mail app, and the Authenticator and password manager are essential. 

Have you ever lost your phone and if so, what did you do? 

Yes, this has actually happened to me before. During a boat trip, the device went right out of my pocket and into the depths of the lake. It wasn’t pretty and I didn’t find the device again. But I directly deleted all business data on the device via the browser of another device and reported the device as lost via the Cortado user portal. So the device is lost, but the data is safe. 

Do you have a phone on your wish list when you retire your current one? 

Since my device is still very fresh, I’m wishful here. However, in all likelihood, I will remain loyal to Apple. 

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