Cortado MDM: Improved BYOD and Easier Device Management

We’re pleased to announce further improvements to Cortado MDM!

Alongside all the device management essentials, like Android zero-touch enrollment and Apple Business Manager integration, Cortado MDM offers improved BYOD, thanks to iOS User Enrollment support, easy policy management and automated security features. Here’s a quick round-up of all the updates:

Reworked BYOD for iOS


Privately-owned iPhones and iPads are often used for corporate purposes, allowing WhatsApp and Co. to access information you’d rather they couldn’t.

To solve this issue, organizations use Bring-Your-Own-Device schemes to manage sensitive data. While effective, some BYOD schemes may have struggled in the past, as users might have been left unconvinced that their privacy was being respected – remember, with the old Device Enrollment method, the organization could remotely delete all data (personal data included) on a device.

At the end of 2019, an important milestone was set. User Enrollment, now available with Cortado MDM for all iOS 13.1 devices, is Apple’s new Bring-Your-Own-Device framework. This will phase out the old BYOD method for iPhones and iPads. Privacy is now completely protected, and sensitive business data, business apps and policies are now bound to the new Managed Apple ID and not the device. To get started, admins have to set up Apple Business Manager and create the Managed Apple IDs for each BYOD user (Cortado Help).

Automated Android SafetyNet Actions

Android SafetyNet-Policies

All Android devices receive regular integrity and anti-abuse checks, known as SafetyNet Checks. Failed tests can provide an indication for seriously compromised or rooted devices in the network. Using Cortado MDM, admins can define which actions automatically take place after a failed test. These could include locking the device or wiping it.

Improved Policy Management


To make it easier for admins to identify which polices are available for each device management posture, we’ve included a policy filter.

For example, policies which apply only to company-owned devices can now be hidden at the click of a mouse – great if you just want to create a new BYOD policy template.

In addition to this, we’ve taken the decision to align our policy descriptions with Apple’s standard explanations. Extra iOS policies and the new ability to rename groups of policy settings round off the update to this area.


Finally, the search bar, used to locate devices quickly, has also been further optimized. It will now recognize many more device characteristics, allowing you to search via device name, IMEI, serial number, UDID, telephone number, Android ID or SIM. 

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