How E-Mail and Wi-Fi Justify MDM

There are several reasons why companies don’t use an MDM system. However, even the most basic functions justify it.

How E-Mail and Wi-Fi Justify MDM
The use of e-mails and Wi-Fi is already reason enough to introduce an MDM system.

The classic justification we hear for not needing a MDM system is that employees don’t use mobile devices. The truth is however, that employees use their mobiles for work all the time, whether a mobile strategy is in place or not. And the most common way they use them is for very basic stuff like opening e-mails or connecting to Wi-Fi.

E-mails and Wi-Fi is often already reason enough

A central aspect of this is the helpdesk. Time and again, helpdesk has to support users in simple tasks such as accessing the company Wi-Fi, synchronizing e-mails, changing passwords or using mobile VPN. This list can be extended endlessly, but it is already clear that a lot of time (and nerves) is wasted on both sides. Not to mention the loss in productivity.

With an MDM system, all these basic tasks can be performed more cost-effectively and automated.

However, does the introduction of an MDM system open up a Pandora’s box? Do companies now have to deal with concepts for data protection and guidelines instead of individual users? Not necessarily.

With an MDM concept that includes minimal regulation and supports the activation of mobile devices, both helpdesk and mobile users will be satisfied.

With Cortado MDM, you can set up a complete MDM system including all basic functions quickly and easily in just a few clicks.