Inventory Made Easy: Cortado Launches New Mobile Asset Manager

Cortado is expanding its service offerings: Effective today, Cortado MDM customers benefit from the Cortado Mobile Asset Manager – a practical inventory feature for mobile devices. This feature simplifies mobile device management by centrally collecting all relevant data.

Inventory data for mobile devices can be edited in the administration portal of Cortado MDM, with the option to add custom fields.

Through a clear and user-friendly interface, users can enter important data such as leasing conditions, the name of the mobile service provider, contract durations, warranty periods, insurance details, as well as information on data volume, and much more.

In addition to the predefined fields, companies can also define their own inventory fields. For instance, a construction company could document accessories and damages to the device at this point, a logistics company might enter vehicle ownership and maintenance history, or a hospital could record hygiene cycles and information on specific access rights. This flexibility allows organizations of any size and from all industries to efficiently and securely manage their mobile assets by mapping the most relevant information for their operations.

“The Cortado Mobile Asset Manager significantly simplifies work for IT departments by providing a central overview of all mobile devices in use. Relevant data is recorded quickly and is readily available when needed,” explains Michael Rödiger, CEO of Cortado Mobile Solutions.

Seamless Management and Security for Mobile Assets

Mobile Asset Management integration into Cortado MDM enables seamless management of mobile devices within an organization. Through centralized data collection, companies maintain an overview of all relevant information about their mobile devices while ensuring compliance and data security.

Mobile Asset Management is fully integrated into the Cortado MDM reporting module. As a result, users now have access to detailed analyses and reports on inventory data. This gives companies a detailed insight into the performance and use of their mobile assets, allowing them to plan, analyze and optimize their mobile infrastructure even more precisely.

The Mobile Asset Manager is now available to all Cortado MDM customers with Pro or Enterprise plans at no added cost (see plans and pricing).

For further information, please visit our support section.