Cortado Mobile Content Manager – Now Available!

Fast and Secure Distribution of Corporate Files with the Mobile Content Manager

We’ve listened, and acted. Through popular demand from our customers in multiple verticals, we’ve developed a solution that fundamentally changes the way files are made available and managed on mobile devices. Our latest feature, Cortado Mobile Content Manager enables simple, secure, and efficient file distribution.

Mobile Content Manager

Why Cortado´s Mobile Content Manager?

Files are the backbone of an efficient mobile work environment. They  enable knowledge sharing, decision-making, and project advancement – regardless of time or location.

Until now, companies often resorted to provisional solutions such as email or cloud storage services to distribute files to their mobile teams. However, these methods come with their own challenges – from limited file sizes to the need for additional apps and accounts, not to mention security concerns.

The challenges in various industries underscore the need for a more robust solution:

  • Healthcare: Hospitals and care services want to securely distribute work and vacation rosters to their staff.
  • Sales: Representatives want to receive up-to-date product information directly on their devices without relying on external apps.
  • Construction: Technical staff and assembly professionals on site need quick access to construction and circuit diagrams, wherever they are.
  • Education: Teachers and trainers want to efficiently pass on teaching and training materials to students and trainees.

In all these scenarios, companies and organizations need a solution that allows secure and efficient distribution of files on mobile devices, thus enabling seamless integration into daily business processes. With the Mobile Content Manager, we provide the ideal solution.

How Does Cortado Mobile Content Manager Work?

The Mobile Content Manager seamlessly integrates into our Mobile Device Management solution, allowing administrators to manage and distribute files as easily as applications or policies.

Through the management portal, administrators can determine which users or user groups have access to specific files. They can also modify access to these files as needed and replace files. This dynamic control is crucial to ensure that all team members have the latest information.

Files are made available in the Cortado app in a specially designated folder on employees’ mobile devices. From there, they can be safely downloaded and opened and edited only with other managed apps. This ensures that sensitive corporate data always remains within a secure business container, and guarantees strict separation between professional and personal data.

This strict separation is especially important in BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and COPE (Corporate-Owned, Personally-Enabled) scenarios, where balancing accessibility and security is a constant challenge. The Mobile Content Manager overcomes this challenge by ensuring that business files are managed separately from users’ personal data without compromising the user experience or data security.

Ready For the Future of Mobile Device File Management?

With the Mobile Content Manager, we’ve taken a significant step towards our goal of providing companies with the highest level of efficiency, security, and control in mobile file management. Administrators receive a tool that not only meets the daily challenges of file distribution but also ensures that the team is always working with the latest and most relevant information.

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