See How MDM Works in This Android for Work Demo

Following up his previous video on Virtual Data Rooms, watch our colleague Ross demonstrate with an Android for Work demo how MDM works at VMWorld.

Work with Tablets & Smartphones with Android for Work

In Ross’s Android for Work demo, you can see the slight changes to the interface on your tablet or phone.

Google have introduced Android for Work so that Android users also have the ability to divide private and business data, as is already possible in iOS.

Without treading on Apple’s coattails though, Android opts for a completely novel approach to forge this isolation. On Android devices users download a separate instance of the apps that they wish to use for work purposes. These business apps are then marked with a suitcase and essentially cordoned off in a secure container.

Due to the way the secure container is designed on iOS, it is not possible to have a business version and private version of the same app. Instead, personal and workplace data is kept separate behind the scenes.

Despite Android for Work’s clearer approach, the main advantage to users and organizations remains the same: company data on private devices stays secure and employees don’t need to worry about intrusion into their private affairs.

So, when it comes to Android vs. iOS, Google has certainly caught up with Apple’s MDM interface possibilities.

Android for Work and Cortado MDM

Want to learn more about Android for Work and how it can be implemented in your organisation? Have a look at Cortado MDM, available for just 6€ per user, per month. A free, ten-day trial is also available on our website.

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