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Enhanced Exchange Profile & More: New in Cortado MDM

New in Cortado MDM - Customizable authentication methods, updated Exchange profiles and much more. Learn more in this post.

Manage Pico VR Headsets and More – New in Cortado MDM

Manage Pico VR Headsets and More – New in Cortado MDM

When using several VR headsets for business purposes, you can now rely on Cortado MDM to streamline their management.


Check Device Status in the User Portal and More – New in Cortado MDM

Our new user portal, released in the last update, helps users and admins alike manage their devices.

Simplified device provisioning in Cortado MDM

Simplified Device Provisioning: New in Cortado MDM

In the last update to Cortado MDM, we made the enrolment workflow a little more streamlined in the Admin Portal. You can now enroll new smartphones and tablets directly from the “Devices” tab.

User Portal

What’s New – Cortado MDM 10.8

A new update for Cortado MDM has arrived, and this time it brings improvements to the Cortado apps and a new end-user portal. Here’s a summary of the most exciting changes.

DEP Cortado MDM

Cortado MDM: Shared iPads and More

Cortado MDM now allows you configure your managed iPads so that they can be shared by multiple users. Read on to find out about all the new features in this update.

Cortado Server: Now With Factory Reset Protection and More

Cortado Server: Now With Factory Reset Protection and More

In our latest Cortado Server release, you can now configure your iPads in shared mode and much more. Read on to find out what's new.


Cortado MDM: With App Blacklisting, Independent App Deployment and More

We are constantly striving for more improvements for our cloud-based MDM solution for iOS, Android and Mac. Read on to...


Cortado MDM – Now with Automatic iOS App Updates

Despite testing times and the Easter holiday, we’re working hard on taking the hassle away from device management. To help you save time, Cortado MDM can now update your apps automatically.

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Cortado MDM: Improved BYOD and Easier Device Management

We're pleased to announce further improvements to Cortado MDM. Here are all the updates at a glance.