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How Do I Print with My iPhone, iPad? Here's the Answer

How Do I Print with My iPhone, iPad? Here’s the Answer

It is a question we hear all the time: How do I print with my iPhone? Then, there are the other curious souls wanting to know the same thing, so that they can print with an iPad. Well no fear, Ross from Cortado gave a quick presentation right at his booth at VMWorld, demonstrating how total print-freedom is possible with Cortado.

Fast Enrollment von mobilen Geräten

Fast enrollment of mobile devices into the IT environment

Rolling out mobile devices has always been a challenge as not every user can correctly set up his or her mobile device alone. The enrollment process can be complicated, but with fast enrollment, shown in the following video, you can see that this doesn't have to be the case.

How to Print with iPhones and iPads in the Enterprise

How to Print with iPhones and iPads in the Enterprise

With their iPhone and iPad, employees have all important documents at hand and can work flexibly. But in the modern business world, simply having digital documents is not sufficient. We show you in this video how to print with iPhones and iPads on the go. 

Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) How It Works

Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP): How It Works

With the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP), you can deploy iOS devices fast and easily in your company. It is otherwise known as Apple Business Manager (ABM).  To get DEP up and running, you'll need a MDM solution, so take a look at out video to find out how this works. 

Cooperation in Virtual data rooms

Virtual data rooms: collaboration in secure project rooms

If employees want to collaborate with third parties in shared projects, they require virtual data rooms. Cortado now even provides them on-premises and with full firewall protection.

Cortado Server Now Android for Work Ready

Having met all the Google test criteria, Cortado is now listed as provider of an enterprise mobility solution for Android for Work.

cortado server

Now available: Cortado Server 8

The new mobile operating system versions and Cortado Server make enterprise mobility simpler, more productive and more secure. Discover Cortado Server 8.