New features to increase efficiency and improve management in Cortado MDM

In addition to the deactivation of third-party app stores for iOS and automatic Wi-Fi setup when registering Android devices, our latest MDM update offers a number of features that further simplify the management of mobile devices.

Duplicating policies is one of the many new features in the Cortado administration portal.
Duplicating policies is one of the many new features in the Cortado administration portal.

See the new features at a glance:

  • Self-hosted application installation status: An improved view of installation status allows administrators to accurately track the success or failure of app installations, including different versions of the same app.
  • Identification of unmanaged devices: A new feature makes it easier to quickly identify devices that are not governed by corporate policies, helping to minimise potential security risks.
  • Device filtering: The ability to filter the device list by platform and management status makes it easier to quickly find and manage specific devices.
  • Duplicate policies: Administrators can now duplicate policies, including their settings, and specify a name for the new policy object before creation, improving organisation and management.
  • Damage reporting: Damage reports for rented equipment can now be made directly through the administration portal, speeding up and simplifying the claims process.

These features not only increase security and control over the equipment fleet, but also improve the efficiency and user-friendliness of equipment management within the organisation.

For a complete overview and instructions on the individual functions, please click here: Cortado MDM with many new features.

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