Cortado MDM: With App Blacklisting, Independent App Deployment and More

We are constantly striving for more improvements for our cloud-based MDM solution for iOS, Android and Mac. Read on to find out about our latest feature additions.

With this update, we have concentrated our efforts on Android device management. While that means almost all new features are for Android devices only, we also have a small bonus update for our iOS admins at the end!

Supporting Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment

Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment Portal

As previously mentioned on our blog, Cortado MDM now supports Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment for fully managed Android devices. That means, alongside Apple Business Manager and Android Zero Touch, you can take advantage of the Knox portal for the secure and automated mass deployment of company owned devices.

Delay or Force OS Updates for Android Devices

Delay or Force OS Updates for Android Devices

Managing the availability and installation of new updates to mobile operating systems plays a key role in making sure that end users encounter fewer problems with their devices. More often than not, when an operating system update enters the market, some unexpected bugs can pop up shortly after. In addition to the same feature for iOS which we already support, you can now delay or force the installation of the latest OS updates as you wish for fully managed Android devices.

Independent Android App Deployment / Hosting

Independent Android App Deployment / Hosting

Uploading an app to a public app store, like Google Play, can be a surprisingly elaborate process. With Cortado MDM, you can now have the ability to self-host your apps for company devices, bypassing normal requirements imposed by Google Play Store, like file size or the review procedure.

Blacklist / Whitelist Apps for Android Devices

Blacklist /Whitelist Apps for Android Devices

Depending on your use case and security requirements, you may want to create a blacklist for certain apps – As you may have read on our blog already, plenty of popular apps can pose a security risk to your company. Now with Cortado MDM, you can define a list of approved and blocked apps on Android devices for granular control of app installations.

Customize Background Images on Android Devices

Being able to change the background image on devices isn’t just so users can upload cherished images of family members or their latest vacation shots. While this is certainly nice to have, this feature is important for some organizations which want to display corporate branding on kiosk devices, for example. Now Cortado MDM makes this process extremely simple for all fully-managed Android devices.

Dedicated Devices / KIOSK Mode for Android

Staying by the topic of kiosk mode, this feature is now fully support for fully managed Android devices. With Cortado MDM, the implementation of different kiosk scenarios is now easy and effective. We have several existing posts dedicated to this topic: Learn more about kiosk mode and its versatility.

Configure Synchronization Interval for Android

Configure Synchronization Interval for Android

With this new feature, you can now manage the synchronization interval of Android devices. This allows the use of Android devices without requiring the use of push notifications via Google’s frameworks (Firebase Cloud Messaging).

iOS: Integration of Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) Certificate Creation

iOS: Integration of Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) Certificate Creation

After a host of improvements to Android device management, here’s an update for iOS device fleet. A new integration allows the APNS certificate to be created and renewed directly from the Cortado administration console using a separate Cortado ID.

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