Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2019 – We’re folding again!

After years at a standstill, there is now movement again in the variety of smartphone forms. At the Mobile World Congress 2019, some manufacturers have reapplied themselves to the design of the devices. Read it for yourself!

What is the difference between BYOD and COBO?

Mobility Basics Part III: What’s the Difference Between BYOD and COBO?

Once organizations have decided to allow their employees to work on the go, the question arises of HOW. Are employees to be allowed to use their own devices, or should company-owned devices be purchased? We look at both options and explain the difference between the BYOD and COBO concepts.

The Files app used for managing files and folders on iPhone and iPad

Files App in Focus: How to manage files & folders with iOS devices

Since iOS 11, iPhone and iPad users have a central location on their iOS devices where they can open and manage files: the Files app. iOS smartphones and tablets are therefore equipped with a file management tool that is great for mobile working. Learn more about which functions the Files app offers, and how you can unleash its potential further with Cortado Workplace.

How Apple Will Close The Security Gap In iOS 12

Apple Will Close Known Security Gap in iOS 12

The fact that configurations profiles on iOS devices contain a security flaw has been known now for quite some time. Now Apple wants to make improvements to iOS 12 and thus increase the security of the operating system.

What is Mobile Application Management

Mobility Basics Part II: What exactly is… Mobile Application Management (MAM)?

In the first part of our series "Mobility Basics" we explained what MDM is. Today we're talking about Mobile Application Management (MAM).

On the Hunt for Employees? How about Alexa or Siri?

On the Hunt for Employees? How about Alexa or Siri?

Siri is just turning 7 years old, has learned a lot during this time and comes with an impressive resume. She’s available around the clock to fulfil the tasks of millions of potential employers. Siri is no longer alone either – Alexa, Cortana, the Google Assistant and Bixby are also entering into the job market. But how suitable are digital assistants for companies?

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