Mobility Basics: What is Mobile Device Mangagement

Mobility Basics Part I: What exactly is… Mobile Device Management (MDM)?

In our new "Mobility Basics" series, we focus on various terms related to working with mobile devices. Today, we explain in a simple and understandable way what Mobile Device Management is, why it is useful and who needs it.

sideload apps and its prevention

Sideload apps for iOS – How it works and potential risks

When users sideload apps, they invariably risk exposing their device to malware – or worse. In this article we explain how sideloading works and why companies can benefit from MDM.

Easy, Corporate-Wide Rollout of iOS Apps with Apple’s VPP

Easy, Corporate-Wide Rollout of iOS Apps with Apple’s VPP

Apple’s VPP (Volume Purchase Program) enables companies and educational institutions to centrally purchase a large number of app licenses for iOS and macOS devices. Once the right apps have been selected for mobile users, they should be rolled out to the iOS devices as quickly and as easily as possible. Apple’s VPP supports various distribution methods, for example using an MDM solution. We describe the different rollout options in detail here.

Drops, Dust and Security – How You Can Protect Your Smartphone

Drops, Dust and Security – How You Can Protect Your Smartphone

Smartphones can be really expensive. Not just for Apple’s products do we have to dig deep into our pockets, Android also has an ever-wider range of premium devices. And when you make such an investment, it has to be protected – so your smartphone is no exception. What easy steps can you take to keep having fun and not frustration with your new device for as long as possible?

Android Smartphone in Lost Mode

Tips for Your MDM Concept: How to Maintain Data Security When Mobile Devices Are Lost

Companies that equip their employees with mobile devices should pay special attention to one aspect of the device lifecycle – the fact that smartphones or tablets are often lost without ever reappearing. This article will show you what to pay attention to when procuring hardware and implementing your MDM strategy, and how to protect data on the device.

Apple iOS 12 oder Google Android Pie – wer hat das bessere Rezept?

Android Pie vs iOS 12: How Google and Apple Are Fighting for Business Customers

The market for mobile business users is very attractive for device manufacturers. Apple and Google, in particular, are fighting for supremacy among corporate users and are constantly improving their business features. We’ve taken a closer look at the current operating systems – iOS 12 and Android Pie, to find out which of them has the edge. Let the battle begin!

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